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Perfect Drop

Liquid-Ion's Perfect Drop prevents macronutrient deficiencies of specific ions, critical to the optimal growth of crops. This is unlike conventional hydroponic reservoir controllers, which potentially mask deficiencies by depending on one combined measurement of all ions.

Perfect Drop monitors and controls reservoir concentrations of distinct ions: nitrate, potassium, calcium, and pH. This individual control is achieved by utilizing an array of ion-specific electrodes (ISEs), in conjunction with high-resolution injection motors for precise dosing.

Sustainability Meets Versatility

Engineered to seamlessly integrate into almost any recirculating hydroponic system, Perfect Drop is scalable from reservoir sizes ranging from dozens, up to thousands, of gallons. Independent ion control means longer times between reservoir changes, ultimately saving water.

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Controlled Growth Advanced Data

Liquid-Ion is able to deliver unique insights into your crop and strain, via analysis of how plants utilize individual ions. By leveraging Perfect Drop's dedicated ion capabilities, a detailed strain-specific growth profile can be constructed.

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Perfect Drop is designed to be a powerful tool in the arsenal of each grower. Every controller is handmade in the USA from stainless steel and aluminium. Perfect Drop is built with exacting specifications to withstand salt, humidity, and corrosive factors present in industrial scale hydroponics.

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